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What kind of fertilizer is used to fertilize flowers

2020-05-15 08:37 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Growing flowersA seemingly simple thing, many florists actually do not do well, and the ones that are well raised are always other people’s flowers. Today we will talk about what kind of fertilizer is used to fertilize the flowers, there is something wrong, orFlower friends can leave a message below if they need to add, I will release it as soon as possible, and everyone will learn together!

For our ordinary gardening enthusiasts, our common fertilizers are mainly based on the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to make functional differences. Of course, some fertilizers contain more trace elements, but nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the mostThe main three elements. Other fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate are generally not used at home.

Nitrogen fertilizer:It is also called leaf fertilizer in the folks. It has an obvious effect on the growth of plant branches and leaves. The leaves of plants that have been applied with nitrogen fertilizer are obviously more dark green.

Phosphate fertilizer:commonly known as melon and fruit fertilizer, it can promote crop yield, has the effect of hardening the cold and promoting flowers and fruits. So if it is a flowering plant, appropriate phosphate fertilizer should be given

potash fertilizer:It can promote the development of root system, so it has anti-lodging effect, and potassium fertilizer can also promote stem growth.

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1. When can I fertilize the flowers?

This question, we have to say in front, it is not possible to fertilize flowers throughout the year. Some flowers and plants have a dormant period. Some of this dormancy period is in summer and some in winter. We generally do not apply fertilizer during the dormant period.Also, use less or no fertilization during the flowering period. Like the crab claw, the flowering period is very sensitive, so do not fertilize it.

In addition, some flower lovers’ flowers and plants are half dead. In this case, fertilization is not recommended, because this is not a manifestation of lack of fertilizer, and fertilization will not solve this dilemma, but will add a burden to the plants. For plants that grow normally, we give fertilizer.The effect is obvious. For example, some plants are in normal condition but grow slowly. In this case, it is time to fertilize.

2. Learn to classify your own flowers

Foliar plants mainly use nitrogen-based fertilizers, while for flowering plants, in addition to plant growth, flowering issues must also be considered, so phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are also indispensable. There are many cases, which are originally flowering plants.The branches and leaves are very luxuriant, even if they do not bloom, in addition to the environmental impact, too much nitrogen will cause the plants to grow wildly and not bloom.

3. For fertilizer, don't try to be cheap, but also learn the correct application method

I don’t know how many flower lovers have this kind of experience. Fertilizers are applied, but the plants seem to have no response at all. It is difficult to tell whether the fertilizer is true or false. Now it is popular to buy fertilizer in rural areas and use it first..

Gardening fertilizers are even more diverse, so you must carefully screen them.

In addition, the application method of fertilizer is also particular. It is best to fertilize according to the application instructions. Don't be too greedy, and apply thin fertilizers frequently.

4. What fertilizer to apply to the flowers

If it is foliage plants, we can give nitrogen fertilizer or compound fertilizer during the growth period. If it is foliage plants, we'd better start fertilizing one month before the buds, mainly phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, if it is phosphoric acidPotassium dihydrogen, a flower-promoting fertilizer, can be applied half a month in advance, and stop after flowering. After the flowering period is over, fertilize it to supplement energy.

To put it simply, it means that the flowers advance to replenish, and then after the florescence is consumed, they will nourish after the flowers to help them recuperate.

The safest way of fertilization is to apply thin fertilizers frequently, usually once a week, or once every three to five days, which can be combined with watering. Fertilizers with longer fertilizer effects like slow-release fertilizers do not need to be given every three to five. NormallyIt is mixed in the soil as a base fertilizer.

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