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Can Endless Summer Hydrangea survive the winter | Can the leaves fall in winter

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Although it has just entered summer, I mentioned two winter issues earlier. Can Endless Summer Hydrangea survive the winter? And can Endless Summer and Winter fall leaves? Because the climate is different between the north and the south, flower lovers should pay attention to their geographic location.I look too sloppy.

1. Can endless summer hydrangea survive the winter?

Endless summer balls are still very cold-resistant, generally minus 10°C is no problem. If you want to spend the winter safely, you need to pay attention to two points. One is to distinguish between potted plants and ground plants. The cold resistance of ground plants is much higher than that of potted plants.Experienced florists should know that flowerpots in the north are easy to freeze through, and even hardy plants will also be frozen to death. The second is to be careful not to avoid wind. In a leeward environment, the cold resistance is higher than that of the tuyere.
Some flower friends in Beijing and Hebei said that the endless summer they planted in the ground can safely survive the winter. Therefore, it is recommended that the flower friends plant in the ground. They can be covered with straw and the like to cover the wind, and do not use plastic bags., Because the water vapor is large, it is easy to rot, and some flower lovers suffer. Simply cover the ground or keep out the wind. The endless summer of the potted plants can be placed on the balcony, even if there is no heating, it can be placed indoors.That's it.

2. Does endless summer and winter fall leaves?

In the north, endless summer and winter are deciduous, but in the south, such as Hainan and other places, endless summer and winter are not deciduous.
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