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Deep pots or shallow pots for petunia see flower friends' choice

2020-06-01 10:52 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original

The petunia is a sharp weapon and has many colors, so many flower lovers like to plant. Some flower friends asked whether petunia should be deep or shallow. Because the branching of dwarf is very good, so they usually use wideA pot with a mouth, so that the later burst pot will look better large flower ball. Generally, the diameter of the pot is about 30 cm. The depth of the pot with this width is generally about 30 cm.

For flower friends, don’t use that kind of very small pot. It’s troublesome to change the pot later. The petunia has good branches, the plant is large, and it draws more nutrients, too small pots can’t keep up.

Herbal flowers like petunia are not suitable for deep pots in most cases, which is not conducive to later watering, because the bottom is not easy to dry, so we are hereGrowing flowersAt the time, even if the basin is deep, we have to put large particles on the bottom, the purpose is to breathe and permeate water.

After talking about the pot, we need to talk about the dwarf watering, not touching the leaves and roots, otherwise it will easily become moldy and rot. The best watering method is to dip the pot put the entire flower pot in a container, such asThe basin, add water to the basin, and then put the dwarf basin into the basin, soak it for 15 minutes, let Huahua drink by herself. Also, if you know it is going to rain, remember to avoid the rain in advance, it will also easily rot after getting wet.

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