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How to raise peony brocade fairy balls

2020-08-24 13:36 Source: flower-fans of: pretty card pig

Some flower friends want to know how to raise peony fairy balls. This method is suitable for the Yangtze River Delta and other northern cities. The north is more likely to be out of state.

1. Watering method: watering thoroughly in spring, summer and autumn! It is not necessary to water thoroughly in winter, so control the amount of water! Therefore, it is recommended to water every time it is dry especially when the temperature is low in winter., To see if the toothpicks are dry, or hold the flower pot to feel the weight,

2. Watering time: generally 5-10 days in summer; 2-3 weeks in spring and autumn; once a month in winter, the temperature is below 15 degrees, it is recommended to cut off the water the temperature varies from place to place, the judgment standard, dry waterthrough

3. Watering method: spray in spring and autumn, and bath in summer is best, because the spray is from the soil surface down, the roots will be exposed to less water and will be easily leaked, and it will be easy to dry out and die after a long time., And the dip basin is different, from bottom to top, the roots are easily exposed to water vapor

Peony Brocade Celestial Ball Service Basin Matters:

1. How to grow roots? Choose to plant in sunny days and maintain high temperature fluvo-aquic soil above 30 degrees, keep the soil moist and easy to root, the soil is recommended to be sterilized

2. Planting steps-root repair first-cool roots for more than 5 days the drying time is not necessarily, fine roots are about 5 days, thick roots are more than 7 days, and the root wound can be planted only after it is restored

First time in the pot: Choose the day when the temperature is high on a sunny day Put it in the fluvo-aquic soil, keep the soil in a damp state during the rooting period, and place it in a ventilated and diffused light place.The principle of penetration, refer to the temperature of each climate

Difficulty: Why high temperature can be high humidity in summer, because summer is very hot, water evaporates quickly, don’t worry about water silting up on its roots, as long as you don’t water it indiscriminately, watering the roots after they are dry will not cause problems.But winter is not good, because the temperature is low in winter and the water evaporates slowly. If your soil is always in a humid state, the evaporation will be extremely slow, the roots will be soaked in it and the roots will be easy to rot. So what to do in winter, control the amount of water, supply a small amount of water, and extendWatering time, if it is too cold, the water will be cut off I said these are after curing

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