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Do you want to repot flowers in spring? How to repot flowers

2020-03-29 11:18 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Growing flowersIt seems simple, but there are still a lot of things in detail. Now it is spring, let’s talk about itGrowing flowersRefining in the process.

Key points:

1. The flowers we raise are not repotted every year, we must remember this.

2. The repotting time is different for different flowers. Not all flowers are suitable for repotting in spring, some are suitable for autumn, and some can be used throughout the year as long as the temperature is not low.

The repotting time for most flowers is generally between March and April. Generally, when the buds begin to expand and new buds have not yet developed, it is the best time to change the pots.

LikeMonsteraThis kind of evergreen plant can be changed at any time as long as the temperature is not lower than 10℃!

Reason for rebasing:

Because the potted plants have grown for several years, the roots of the potted flowers are restricted to the pots. As the plants grow, the roots continue to develop and gradually cover the pots. The growth of new roots is restricted, and the roots are diseased or insects, Growth stopped, early deciduous, shortened growth period, shortened flowering period, soil masses exposed from the soil, excessive soil erosion in the daily watering basin, difficulty in drainage, etc., while the nutrients in the soil are gradually depleted.

Normal situation is enough to turn the pot once every 3 years.

The contents of repotting mainly include expanding the pot diameter, removing old soil, replacing it with new cultivation soil, adding base fertilizer, arranging roots, removing material roots, cutting off excessively long roots, promoting new roots, and giving potted flowers a new oneEnvironment. Fleshy rootsFlowerssuch as peony, clivia,OrchidWait, the fleshy roots should be washed and dried before repotting.

When turning the pot, use small bamboo chips to loosen the soil around the pot wall, and push the plants out of the old pot. After the soil mass comes out, shake off about half of the old soil, and cut off the dry, rotted, and overly long soil.Roots.

The outlet holes in the bottom of the new basin must be overlapped and covered with more than 3 pieces of broken basins, so that the drainage is unblocked and the soil is not lost.

It is necessary to avoid the flowering period of crab claw orchid repotting, that is, from September to April of the following year

According to the size of the new pot, first add an appropriate amount of culture soil to the bottom, then put the plant in and add the new soil, and at the same time poke the soil with a small wooden stick, etc., so that the new soil and the plant mud are tightly combined. The pot soil should not be added too much.Full, leave the spout to provide convenience for watering in the future.

After changing the pot, water immediately, water thoroughly at one time until water seeps out from the bottom of the pot. Do not fertilize at that time, it is best to wait for the seedlings to have new roots and start to grow again usually half a month, and then addFertility makes it grow better. After changing the pot, in order to reduce leaf evaporation, place the pot in the shade for a few days, then gradually see light, and then place it in a place with sufficient light after adapting.

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