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The branch method of Qin Ye Banyan, pruning is indispensable

2020-04-17 10:11 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

The most common form of the Qin Ye Ficus is a trunk with a cluster of leaves at the top, but everyone’s preferences are different. For example, some flower friends ask Qin Ye Ficus branching methods, but for potted Qin Ye Ficus, the natural branching ability is relatively weak.The main reason is that the seedlings are small, although some can grow to more than one meter, but they are also too small for the Qin Yerong planted outdoors.

So how do we do the potted Qinye Banyan branch?

It's very simple. Set up or cut off the branches to promote the branch of the Qin Ye Ficus. This method is applicable to all plants.

In the picture above, we can see the leaves from the buds, and there is no sign of branching. We can knock out the buds, so that the Qin Yerong will continue to bulge new buds from the place where the buds are knocked out, most likely to bulgeOut of 2-3, this depends mainly on the individual situation of Qin Yerong.

The picture above is a flower buddy’s Qin Yerong. In this case, if the top branches are not good-looking, we can cut them at the waist, so that new buds will be swelled in the wound.At the same time achieve the dual purpose of integer and branch.

Regardless of whether it is topping or cutting, you must pay attention to the processing time. It is best to cut during the peak growth season, because the growth rate of the Qin Ye Ficus is fast at this stage, and the buds are also fast.Many flower buddies are anxious if they don’t bud in the moon, and they tend to be self-defeating.

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