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How to raise Podocarpus

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Podocarpus is a very common productionBonsaiThe plant, then how to raise Podocarpus? How can we grow healthy and graceful PodocarpusBonsaiWhat? Don't worry, let's look at the following maintenance points of Podocarpus.

To grow Podocarpus pine, we must first check whether the pot soil and pot are reasonable. Generally speaking, Podocarpus pine is suitable for slightly acidic sandy loam with loose texture and good drainage. If the pot soil is not good, it is easy to cause improper maintenance.And cause the planting to fail.

In the daily maintenance of Podocarpus, environment and watering are actually the two most important links. As the so-called "people move to live, trees move to die", frequent environmental changes are taboos for plants, so we'd better choose in advanceGood location.

Podocarpus pine should be placed in a warm, humid, ventilated place in summer, and should be placed indoors above 5°C in winter, but the temperature should not be too high, so as not to affect its dormancy.

Regarding watering of Podocarpus pine, Podocarpus pine likes moist soil. It should be watered frequently during the growing season to keep the pot soil moist, but the pot should not be waterlogged. In summer, spray water on the leaves or the ground frequently to keep the leaves bright.

Let’s take a look at some maintenance points of Podocarpus:

The family potted Podocarpus pine should be kept outdoors in a ventilated place throughout the year. It should not be kept indoors for a long time, otherwise the yellow leaves will fall off and cause death. It is not suitable for exposure to the sun in summer and needs to be kept in a semi-shady place.Water can be slightly more; in hot summer, the pot soil should be watered in time when it is dry, watering should be fully watered; water in autumn and winter can be appropriately reduced. In winter in East China, when the temperature drops to 5 ℃, you should enter the houseOverwintering and control the amount of watering, the pot soil should be dry.

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