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The cultivation technique of potted hawthorn

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In this article, let’s learn about the cultivation technique of potted hawthorn trees. I believe that through this article, florists can grow a great pot of hawthorn trees. The article has options for hawthorn tree varieties, daily maintenance, pruning and shaping, etc.Stated.

1. Flower pots and nutrient soil: The pots for potted hawthorn trees should be 30-40 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep with good air permeability or equivalent wooden barrels, wooden boxes, etc. The nutrient soil in the pot isHumus soil or humus soil, garden soil, and sand are prepared in a ratio of 4:4:2.

2. Variety selection: Potted hawthorn trees generally choose varieties with late fruit maturity, large fruit shape, bright red color, and strong cold resistance. Such as red fleshy, Yanfuhong, Fulihong, Hanluhong, Dajinxing, ZeState red, big cotton ball, etc.

3. Seedling cultivation: There is a big difference between the seedlings used in potted and open field cultivation. The seedlings used in potted hawthorn first require that the root system is within a smaller range from the root neck, and there should be well-developed fibrous roots. The larger the amount of fibrous roots, the better the potGrowth. The mature hawthorn seedlings grafted with root tiller seedlings have the above characteristics and are very suitable for potted hawthorn. In the place where wild hawthorn is distributed or under the big hawthorn tree, the root seedlings are taken, transplanted to the nursery for centralized management and unified grafting.After survival, the growth of the root system has become vigorous. You can use a sharp knife or a shovel to penetrate the soil to cut the roots at a distance of 20 cm from the main stem during the growing season, including cutting the main root of the seed anvil generally at a depth of 20 to 30 cm.Short-cut pruning is carried out to limit the extension range of the root system and increase the amount of fibrous roots. For the upper part of the ground, use methods such as trunk drawing increasing the angle, and timely topping in the early stage of new shoot growth in May to achieve control of seedlingsHigh and the purpose of lowering the main branch point. According to the requirements of potting, it can extend the cultivation period of nursery seedlings, but generally it can be potted 1 to 3 years after grafting. After potting, it can also be grafted withThe perennial branch group of flower buds has the obvious characteristics of high survival rate and good fruit setting.

4. Shaping and pruning: The tree shape can adopt various forms such as curved stem, straight stem, oblique stem, and layering. However, due to the obvious advantages of the top of the hawthorn, it is easy to cause the growth of the lower branches and buds to weaken. The basic requirements of the tree shape are:The tree should be short rather than tall, the main branch angle should be large rather than small, the upright branches on the back should be short rather than long, so that the branches expand outward to form a slightly flat crown. Pruning in winter is mainly sparse and shrinking. Remove weak branches and cross.Branches, overlapping branches, over-dense branches, upright branches. Retract long and weak branches. When retraction, pay attention to the proper direction of branches at the cutting mouth to facilitate the restoration of branch potential. Pruning in summer requires sufficient branchesBottom, for the cutting mouth and the sprouting branches from the latent buds on the branches, they should be thinned out in time after germination. Pre-flowering is the main content of summer pruning. It solves the ratio of fruiting branches and vegetative branches by thinning flowers.The ratio of fruiting branches and vegetative branches of potted hawthorn should be in the range of 1:1~3. If the growth potential is strong, the ratio of vegetative branches should be reduced, and the growth potential should be increased.

5. Promoting strength and urging flowers: As long as the new shoots of potted hawthorn trees are sturdy and no autumn shoots occur, flower buds can be formed at the top. The thicker the branch, the stronger the ability to continue fruiting. Therefore, the tree is compactIn the case of sturdy shoots, cultivating a sufficient number of strong branches is the basic measure to improve the level of potted hawthorn. The critical period for hawthorn to require water and fertilizer from germination to early flowering is the critical period for hawthorn to require water and fertilizer. At this time, the management of fertilizer and water is the key to promoting strong shoots and the formation of flower buds.Use 2 to 3 times of 0.2% to 0.3% of inorganic liquid nitrogen fertilizer and 1 time of 200 times organic liquid fertilizer at intervals of 7 to 10 days. After mid-July, control the use of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer to suppress the occurrence of autumn shoots. In addition, to promoteFor flower bud formation, girdling and root pruning can also be used.

6. Spray 30×10-6~60×10-6 gibberellin during the blooming period of hawthorn for promoting flowers and fruits, which can increase the fruit setting rate by 30%-40% and increase the fruit significantly. The blooming period of hawthornTrunk girdling and girdling can also significantly increase the fruit setting rate. But the object of girdling and girdling must be potted trees that grow robustly, otherwise the effect will not be good, and even a lot of flowers and fruits will fall.

7. Cold-proof and overwintering Hawthorn has strong cold-resistance ability, but under potted conditions, the protection of the root system by the pot wall is limited. Therefore, measures should be taken to prevent freezing damage. For the large number of potted plants, dig trenches on the spot can be adopted.The basin body can be buried. The depth of the ditch depends on the height of the basin. Before burying, fill the basin and ditch with enough water, and the soil can be sealed after the water seeps dry. For a small amount of potted hawthorn, it can be moved into the corridor orOverwinter indoors, and pay attention to proper watering, once a month. Potted hawthorn can be removed from the ditch or indoors after the soil is thawed in March of the following spring.

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