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What is the meaning of bonsai stripping and changing brocade | Graphic

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ContactBonsaiThe flower buddies who are not long may see others say that they are changing clothes, soBonsaiWhat does it mean to change clothes for brocade? This is one kindBonsai productionThe technique can make the bonsai show different forms of expression.

To put it simply, "Undressing" means removing all the leaves of the bonsai plant combined with pruning. And "changing brocade" probably means that after the old leaves are removed, the main structure and branches of the bonsai are unobstructed, a bit cold.The feeling of nudity presents a winter scene, and as the new buds germinate, it presents a spring mood, which is even more beautiful, so this is called a brocade.

Let's take a look at the specific stripping and changing explanation below.

"Undressing". After the scenery tree is basically formed, in order to observe the direction, shape and viewing of its branches, the leaves of the whole tree are removed, and the small branches branch claws are properly arranged so that the claws are exposed and the veins are keptClear, the overall shape is more beautiful. This is "undressing." Undressing is mainly carried out by hand picking and trimming. The two methods can be used alternately according to needs and personal habits, or first cut and then cut, or first cut and then pick, orCut while picking until the leaves are completely removed, redundant branches and useless branches are removed, the veins are clear, the branches and claws are neat, and the modeling purpose and effect are achieved.

Changing the brocade is actually a natural process of re-growth of leaves and claws. After undressing, the scenery trees will generally grow in the Lingnan area after 10-15 days, and the branches will germinate the length of time depends on the tree species and the season.Different. After a period of growth, the new buds gradually grow into new green leaves and twigs. At different stages of the growth process of new leaves and branches, we can all enjoy different scenery, the so-called "Four Seasons". This is HuajinTechniques and even the characteristics and subtleties of Lingnan bonsai.

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