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Precautions and requirements when pine trees are bent

2017-03-15 22:55 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: editor

The bending of the branches has always beenBonsaiOne of the key techniques to master in styling, andBonsaiThe quality of the skeleton determines its value in most cases. The use of bends in pine trees as an important means of shaping the skeleton of pine bonsais can also reflect its "profound skill" in making bonsai.

1. First of all, it is necessary to see the tree shape, especially the trend of the tree, including the distribution pattern of the main pole, main branch and branch of the tree, and then consider how to bend and deform the tree. The deformed tree state must be chasedThe roots of Yingyuan tree stumps were unearthed and taken to form an overall response to achieve the desired effect.

2. Before holding the bent tree, first fix the tree itself, especially the position of the bent tree, to prevent jitter, avoid and reduce risks, and increase the insurance rate.

3. At the position where the bend is to be carried out, use the open pliers to vertically open the broken rod in the middle of the tree pole. The position of the broken rod should not overlap in the same place. It should be one after the other to catch the crossRod. If the rod is crossed in the same position, there will be signs of swelling and swelling after the wound of the tree heals in the future, resulting in an unsightly tree state.

4. Use a small strip of cloth rope to wrap the position where the tree is broken and open the pliers. The direction of the cloth rope to wrap the trunk is the same as the direction of bending the tree, so that the bandaging can prevent the plant skin tissue from bendingWhen it is deformed, it can be protected from excessive swelling and breaking.

5. After wrapping up with a cloth rope, use the electrical tape used in daily life to bandage the bent part again. The method and direction are the same as above. The purpose of the electrical tape is to prevent water from leaking into the wound and prevent the wound from being infected by bacteria.It also protects and reduces the risk of fracture during bending, and plays a protective role.

6. For tree stumps or branches that have been bent and shaped, it is best to cut branches and planting shears. Stick wounds with tin foil or smear them with sealing glue to reduce the water loss of the tree itself and control the water balance to benefit the stump.Resume growth.

7. The basic method of management is to spray the leaves so they are soaked. It is best to spray the leaves several times a day. The root care is the same as the normal daily care. In addition, the tree that has been bent should be avoided within 10 daysHigh temperature exposure will help the trees to recover and grow.

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