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What are the advantages and disadvantages of drinking mint tea

2019-07-02 22:35 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
Peppermint can be eaten or brewed in tea, so many flower friends ask what are the benefits of drinking peppermint tea. Although peppermint has medicinal effects, it is not only beneficial to the human body if it is consumed too much, so long-term infusion is not recommendedTea drinking.
Let’s first look at the effects of peppermint. The whole peppermint plant contains volatile oil. The main components of the oil are menthol and menthone, which can excite the central nervous system, shrink capillaries, and cause central paralysis after excessive consumption, especiallyBulbar palsy.
Regarding peppermint, "Ben Jing Feng Yuan" says: "If you take longer and more time, it will make you feel deficient and cold; if you have fever due to yin deficiency, or cough and spontaneous perspiration, don't use it."The lungs are broken and the weak ones are far away."
From the above records of Chinese medicine books, we can also see that there are some disadvantages if you reuse peppermint too much. For example, for people with weak and cold physique, long-term drinking of peppermint water can easily cause symptoms of asthenia and cold in the body.Good for health.
So what are the benefits of mint tea?
Peppermint has the effects of refreshing, anti-inflammatory and pain relief, and aiding digestion, so if you occasionally use peppermint tea to refresh yourself, or use peppermint tea to cool your mouth, it is all right.
To sum up, it is okay to drink peppermint tea occasionally, but it is not recommended to drink it for a long time like tea. In addition, because peppermint can play a refreshing effect, do not drink too much at night to avoid affecting sleep.
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