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Is kiwi fruit high in sugar?

2019-08-30 22:25 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

For those who want to keep in shape, they are also very concerned about the sugar content of fruits. For example, some netizens asked whether kiwifruit has high sugar content? Here we talk about dry goods from a practical point of view, not theoretical.

The sugar content of kiwifruit is not fixed. The more raw the sugar content is, the lower the sugar content is, the more ripe the higher the sugar content. This can be distinguished from the taste, raw sour, ripe sweet this applies to largeMost fruits have different sugar content in different stages.

Moreover, different varieties of kiwifruit have different sugar content, which is one of the reasons why different varieties of kiwifruit have different tastes.

Because the sugar content of kiwifruit is greatly affected by variety and maturity, here is simply based on the sugar content measured by the fruit farmers themselves, and simply talk to netizens. Generally speaking, the sugar content of kiwifruit during normal ripening is about 11%.The sweetness of fruits is similar to that of apples and bananas.

However, when picked from the orchard, the sugar content is about 6%. After transportation and storage, the sugar content will gradually increase. Therefore, if you are more concerned about sugar and want to eat kiwi, just eat it raw, Don’t eat cooked.

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