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Why don't pineapple soak in salt water and pineapple needs salt water

2019-09-01 23:38 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

In many cases, the value of pineapple is much higher than that of pineapple, so many netizens have begun to distinguish between them. Today, we mainly talk about why pineapples should not be soaked in salt water and pineapples need to be soaked in salt water. With this topic, talk about pineapples and pineapples.

Pineapple and pineapple are the same thing in biology, but there are indeed differences between the two. The varieties are different. Let's take a simple example. There are many varieties of apples, and the price and taste are also different.If you are more particular about apples, you can just talk about apples if you don’t. But pineapples and pineapples are actually the same as apples, except that pineapples occupy the official Chinese name. If you run the pineapple, you can only use the common name.

Since pineapple and pineapple are of different varieties, their taste is naturally different. Pineapple does not have to be soaked in salt water. I believe many people eat directly. Of course, if you eat too much, there will be a little difference in your mouth.Comfortable, if you soak in salt water at this time, it won't be like this.

See a piece of information:

Because pineapple contains irritating glycosides and bromelain, it will decompose protein in the body, and it will stimulate people’s oral mucosa and the delicate epidermis of the lips. If you do not use salt water before eating pineapple, it will make youThere is a feeling of numbness and tingling. Therefore, the peel and thorns should be repaired, and the pulp should be cut into pieces, soaked in dilute salt water or sugar water to extract glycosides, and then eat. After soaking the pineapple in salt water, it can effectively destroyThe internal structure of "Bromelain" causes allergies, and thus loses the ability to make people allergic, and loses toxicity to some physiques.

Soaking the pineapple in salt water before eating can also decompose part of the organic acid contained in it in the salt water to remove the acidity and make the pineapple taste sweeter.

Why not soak pineapple in salt water

As a variety different from pineapple, the glycosides and bromelain in pineapple should be very few, which can be almost ignored, so there is no need to soak in salt water, but as the information says, soak in salt water.It will be sweeter. The editor thinks that as long as it is not allergic, it is actually necessary to soak, just not eat so much.

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