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How to make dried figs at home

2019-10-21 22:44 Source: flower-fans of: flower-fans

Everyone knows that figs are delicious but can’t be stored for a long time. The short shelf life limits the scale of fig planting. Making dried figs can not only increase the storage time, but also have a different taste. Drying can be made at low cost.Yes, this way breaks the shortcomings of keeping fresh, so that our customers can eat their favorite figs in the wrong season. Eat dried figs that are naturally ripe and healthy without any additives.

The picture above is the dried fruit made by the main daba. It has a sweet and sweet taste, and the green peel is sour and sweet. Stella is a sweet and sour taste. To dry them, please pick eight to nine mature fruit slices, clean, dry and cutBars, dried at low temperature for 15 to 20 hours, and the fruits are dried after being cooled and softened. Six to seven catties yields a catty of dried fruit.

After trying the varieties suitable for dried fruit, I think that daba, green skin, Stella, cloth, and Daikin are all good. Low sugar content, dark varieties are not sweet, black and commercial.

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