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Can you eat Pangbangxiang, try scrambled eggs with leaves

2019-08-22 11:11 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

We have always been serious about eating. Huayou asked if Pangpengxiang can be eaten. At present, all sources of information think that Pangpengxiang is edible, and I only found a copy of Pangpengxiang fried in the entire network.Eggs, and a cup of soaked water, other cases are relatively rare.

Many flower friends also list Pangpengxiang as an edible vanilla team. The editor here wants to say that Pangpengxiang may really be edible, but for now, all the original articles that support Pangpengxiang can eat are actuallyIt's all the same, either scrambled eggs or brewing tea for wine, but there are not many that really go to eat.

This means that there are not many people who eat Pangpengxiang, and more people are just watching. Then the editor here naturally does not recommend eating Pangpengxiang. There is only one reason. You must eat carefully.

So what can you do with Pengpingxiang?

We can dry the leaves of Dengpingxiangxiang and make them into sachets. The fragrance can last for a long time. You can also pinch a little for decoration when making western food.

By the way, Deng Deng Xiang scrambled eggs and Deng Deng Xiang tea bar, the net article said that, pick a small amount of Deng Deng Xiang leaves, then wash it with clean water, copy it in hot water to remove most of the taste,Then mix it with the egg liquid, add your favorite seasonings, and you can start to fry. Touch the fragrant tea to make it easier. Take two of the fragrant leaves and wash them, put them in a water cup, and make the tea.It will feel like a fruit tea. If it is summer, you can use mineral water with ice cubes and touch the fragrant leaves.

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