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The difference between immortal flowers and dried flowers, easy to understand

2019-09-09 10:28 Source: flower-fans Author: Li Mu

Everyone has come into contact with dried flowers a lot, but it may be the first time you have heard of immortal flowers. Some people think immortal flowers are fake flowers. In fact, they are real flowers. What is the difference between immortal flowers and dried flowers?In terms of craftsmanship only, let me talk about one important point first, both are made with flowers.

Many florists will ask if eternal flowers are dried flowers? There is a big difference between dried flowers of eternal flowers. Eternal flowers are not dried flowers. Tell them about the difference between eternal flowers and dried flowers.

The first two pictures in the text are eternal flowers, the last two are dried flowers. After reading the pictures, do the flower friends have a general understanding of dried flowers and eternal flowers? Now, the editor will tell the babies about eternal flowersFeatures. The common point of immortal flowers and dried flowers is that they are all made of fresh flowers. Immortal flowers are real flowers, which are made from natural high-quality fresh flowers through a special process. It preserves the softness and shape of the flowers, which is better than that of fresh flowers.Short-lived, immortal flowers can be stored for 3~5 years for the longest time, reducing the consumption rate of flowers, and making everyone feel as good as flowers. Immortal flowers can be stored and used for a long time, which is convenient for logistics and transportation, and eliminates the urgent timeliness of flowersPressure, and can show for a long timeFlowersWith the natural beauty of plants, yesFlowersA major innovation of the product.

Dried flowers can be stored for a long time. It is the flowers that lose their moisture, but they do not have the moisture and luster of the flowers, so they are dry, while the immortal flowers preserve the moisture of the flowers. Dried flowers are difficult to maintain the color, shape, and shape of the flowers.Texture and flexibility, easy to fade, scatter and damage. Immortal flowers are washed away to remove the content of plant cells, such as sugar, fat, etc., and after preservation and dyeing, the plant cells maintain their natural structure, shape and color.Will not decay and embrittlement by loss of water.

After reading the introduction, I believe you must also know the reason why eternal flowers are so popular. And eternal flowers have a very good meaning "flowers never thank you, love eternal", and there is nothing wrong with giving them to your favorite ta.

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