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Will scented dried flowers attract bugs, no

2019-09-09 11:29 Source: unknown Author: Valley of Flowers Flower bath Network

Now more and more people like to put dried flowers in vases at home. They don’t need to be taken care of frequently. However, some florists asked if the scented dried flowers will attract bugs. The editor’s house has always placed dried flowers in recent years.Look, there is no case of recruiting bugs. For recruiting bugs, we have to divide it into several situations.

For example, some insect pests, such as aphids, red spiders, etc., their food is the branches and leaves of the stems and leaves, but the dried flowers do not have them, so if they can't survive, they won't attract these pests.

There are also some insect pests, that is, these insects like humid environments, such as Xiaoqiang, but they also like darkness in addition to dampness, and our dried flowers are generally placed on the table with bright surroundings and belowThere are also glass vases, so this small environment has no residential value for this kind of insects.

Then the flower buddies said, what about the flying insects? Will they come rushing to the dried flowers, to be honest, especially the scented dried flowers, for the insects, they can hide as far as they can.These things are not interested at all.

Our dried flowers have to be eaten but not eaten, and drink what is not available. The hiding space is too small. Compared with the whole room, it really has no place to attract insects.

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