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How to deal with dried flowers and long hairs

2019-09-09 10:58 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Although dried flowers can be stored for a longer period of time, they still face a problem, that is damp, so many flower friends ask how to deal with dried flowers and hairy. At present, there is no effective method. The only way to deal with is astigmatism.Dry in a ventilated place.

The reason for this is that damp hair means mold. In a dry and ventilated environment, the adhesion of mold becomes poor. We can clean up the mold with a little blow or with a small brush.You can continue to watch.

How to prevent dried flowers from being damp and hairy

In the case of high air humidity, not only dried flowers, but also other things will become moldy and hairy. What we can do is to dry it frequently, but don’t expose it to the sun, because the color of the flowers will fade and under astigmatismJust dry it, so you can greatly avoid moldy and hairy growth.

In addition, the outside of the dried flowers looks okay, but the root poles in the vase are moldy. Here is a small method for everyone. Some foods we usually buy will contain a desiccant inside. Don't throw it away. Put it in the vase.Inside, you can avoid the air inside.

Note that if the desiccant is full of moisture, it must be replaced, otherwise there will be no drying effect.

Finally, there is actually a lot of dust in the house, and if the dust accumulates, it is easy to mold, so even if it is a dried flower, you must think about blowing the dust on it occasionally.

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