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Is the Australian winter plum dyed with basic information

2019-03-07 22:34 Source: flower-fans Author: editor
Australia wintersweet is considered a higher-end cut flower species. Do any florists want to know that Australian wintersweet is dyed? As far as the editor knows, the original color of Australian wintersweet is mainly white, and some are slightly pink, but like red, yellow, blueAustralian winter plums of different colors are all dyed.

The Australian winter plum in the picture above is not dyed, while the one below is dyed

Australian winter plum is also called Geraldton wax flower, gold rushing plum, wind wax flower, etc. It is a perennial evergreen standing shrub of Myrtle family unique to Western Australia.
Australian Winter Plum Flower Language: Reason and Loyalty.
Australia wintersweet is very drought-tolerant, barren-tolerant, and adaptable. It can grow into large shrubs when it grows naturally. The leaves are opposing linear leaves like pine needles, with delicate fragrance and evergreen. The flowering period in the native place is from June to November each year.Moon. Its flower shape resembles a plum, with 5 petals, waxy and shiny petals, pink or white, and sometimes a light pinkish purple.
Australian winter plum cultivation and maintenance:
Because of its adaptability, drought tolerance and barren tolerance, Geraldton wax flower is very easy to cultivate in the Mediterranean climate. It likes the loose soil with good drainage and the sun. It can also adapt to the humidity of its native place.Higher growth environment such as Sydney, but plant life may be shortened, suitable for potting.
Although the original varieties of Australian winter plums are only pink and white, they have also derived purple-flowered varieties through artificial cultivation. The blue, yellow and red flowers obtained by dyeing are also very common in the fresh cut flower market. They are used for picking and making cut flowers.The flowering period can reach more than 1 month.
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