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Can Qin Yerong purify the air, is it toxic

2019-10-08 09:40 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

It is said that Qin Yerong is particularly popular in Northern Europe. In the past two years, more and more flower lovers have chosen to plant a pot of Qin Yerong in the living room. Some flower friends asked if Qin Yerong can purify the air? Here can be responsible to tellFlower friends, don’t expect Qin Yerong to purify the air, or don’t expect any plant to purify indoor air. Although plants can purify the air, they are too small indoors to improve indoor air quality.

To be an exaggeration, a pot of Qin Yerong is not as good as we breathe to purify the air, so the biggest role of Qin Yerong is to watch, not to purify the air.

Is Qin Yerong poisonous?

Qin Yerong does not release odorous gases, but it is also inedible, so it will not cause any harm to the human body, which is said to be non-toxic, and florists can rest assured to pot indoors.

The editor also raised a pot of Qin Yerong, here is a brief talk about the Qin Yerong maintenance experience, in general, Qin Ye Ban is relatively easy to raise, the only tricky thing is that Qin Ye Ban likes high humidity, so you need to give it frequentlySpray the leaves with water. In addition, don’t accumulate water in the pot soil of the Qin Ye Ficus, do not use too small pots, because the root system of the Qin Ye Ficus is very developed. If the Qin Ye Ficus grows fast, it is necessary to apply fertilizer frequently. Don’t remember.The seedlings should be thinner, so that there will be no fertilizer damage.

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