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The main factors affecting the flowering of geraniums

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Geranium, also known as Hydrangea, native to South Africa, is a perennial herbFlowers. The leaves are palm-shaped and have long stalks, the leaf margins are more serrated, and the leaf surface has deep ring markings. Corollas are usually five petals, umbrella-shaped inflorescences, and grow on the top of straight pedicels. Because the clusters of flowers are dense like balls, soAlso known as the foreign hydrangea. The colors of red, white, pink, and purple vary a lot. The flowering period starts from early winter to the beginning of summer the following year. Potted plants are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration; they can also be used as flower beds in spring.

The main factors affecting the flowering of geranium are as follows:

1 Excessive watering or rain, long-term accumulation of water in the pot, causing rotten roots, yellow leaves on the edge or lengthy plants, all affecting flowering.

2 Excessive fertilization, especially excessive nitrogen fertilizer, can easily cause long branches and leaves, no flowering or sparse flowering, and poor flower quality. However, insufficient fertilization or no fertilization will also affect the normal growth and flowering of plants. Therefore, in early spring or early autumnMore scale potash fertilizer should be applied appropriately.

3 If the temperature is too high or too low, the room temperature in winter is above 20℃, and the poor ventilation will make the branches and leaves prone to lengthen and affect the next year's flowering. However, if the overwintering temperature is lower than 0℃, it will be susceptible to freezing damage and the leaf edges will turn yellow.Soft. Geranium is also more sensitive to temperature changes, such as sudden changes will cause flowers to fall off.

4 If the light is too strong, it will be exposed to direct sunlight in summer, and the edge of the leaves may suffer from sunburn, poor growth, or the loss of flowers and leaves.

5 Excessive pruning and long-term leaves will delay the growth period, and the number of flowering and flowering will be small. In addition, if there is insufficient light for a long time in indoor maintenance in winter and spring, it is easy to cause plants to grow excessively and not bloom, Even the flower buds that have formed will shrink and wither due to insufficient light. Therefore, you should pay attention to giving more sufficient light in winter.

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