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Can taro be grown as a flower

2019-06-29 22:10 Source: flower-fans Author: Edit Original
Taro is more common to us, some flower friends asked if taro can be grown as a flower, this is mainly because of the leaves of the taroDrip Water GuanyinMuch like, the editor once potted taro. As for whether it can be grown as a flower, it mainly depends on the preference of the florist. If you prefer taro leaves, the taro can be grown as a flower.

If you potted taro, place the bud of the taro up and cover it with soil 1-2 cm.
The picture above is a pot of taro. If it is grown in a relatively small pot, the plant will not grow so large. Because the pot of taro is used in a larger pot and it is raised in the yard, the plant will growIt is more lush and tall. Taro can be grown not only in soil but also in hydroponic culture. It is also good as a small potted plant.
The maintenance method of taro is relatively simple, like Dripping Guanyin, both of them are Araceae plants, but it should be noted that potted taro should be maintained in an environment with good sunlight and cannot be raised indoors.It doesn’t matter if you just make a small potted plant.
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