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Will Chi Luo die in winter Yes

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A florist asked if the cucurbita would die in winter? Actually, before the winter, the cucurbita quinquefolia would have gradually withered and died in late autumn. The Cucurbita quinquefolia is an annual herb, like morning glory, it sprouts in spring and summerFlower and die in autumn and winter.
So can you grow quince in winter?
This mainly depends on the ambient temperature, as long as the temperature can be maintained above 20℃, you can also grow Citrus in winter.
Although Citrus Chinensis is an annual plant, if it is ground-planted Citrus Chinensis, its seeds will naturally fall on the ground, and the next spring will sprout naturally, and then start a new year of growth.
And if it is a potted Citrus, if you want to continue planting the flowers in the next year, you must pay attention to collecting the seeds. It is relatively easy to collect the Citrus seeds. Keep the seeds well and sow the next spring.
In addition, another variety of Citrus quinquefolium, the same will die in winter.
Citrus is a climbing plant, so whether it is a potted plant or a ground plant, you need to prepare a shelf that makes it scary, otherwise the shape of Citrus will not look good. Below is a shelf of potted Citrus, and the ground plant can be closeWalls, or other things let it climb!
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