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How to grow hanging bamboo plums to be beautiful|Can't end with one thing

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Hanging bamboo plum is one of the most skin-friendly plants to feed, any cuttings can live and grow wildly, and because of this, many flower lovers' hanging bamboo plums are a bit messy, so how to grow hanging bamboo plums to be beautiful? NoFixed shape, but we can flexibly organize it according to its characteristics. Hanging bamboo plum grows fast, has stolons, and the roots and leaves at the bottom of old plants fall off naturally. Knowing these characteristics, it is easier to handle it.

If flower friends like the fresh style, they must be willing to clean the hanging bamboo plums. At the beginning, a branch may be a big pot in a few months. The longer the time, the more inconspicuous the more you look, so you must clean it up decisivelyThe extra hanging bamboo plums, after all, this product is worthless and very ordinary. We can cut it frequently to maintain a good shape.

If flower friends like the hanging type, they can use hanging pots to raise bamboo and plums to ensure that they can get a pot of hanging bamboo and plums with fluttering hair.

You can also cut off the hanging bamboo and plum branches and place them in a vase to make cut flowers for appreciation. If they are long and damaged, throw them away and re-insert them.

The above is how we use its fast-growing characteristics to deal with it. If you want to keep it in a pot and keep its petty bourgeoisie, it is basically difficult. After all, it grows too fast and it cannot be solved by pruning.The leaves will gradually fall over time, making it unsightly.

In addition, the color of the leaves is also important to make the hanging bamboo plum beautiful. The hanging bamboo plum is easily affected by the light to change the color of the leaves.

The hanging bamboo plum is not adapted to the high temperature in summer and needs to grow in a cool and ventilated environment. Therefore, avoid exposure to the hot sun in the hot summer season and do a good job of shading and ventilation, otherwise it will cause the leaves to yellow and burn.

The growing season requires the pot soil to be kept moist. Put it under the shade shed in summer, and spray water and spray on the branches and leaves frequently to keep the branches and leaves bright; if the temperature is low in winter, watering should be restricted to make the pot soil a little dry. Avoid excessive water in the pot., So as not to cause rotten roots due to excessive humidity.

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