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How to trim the bird of paradise leaf, petiole

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Bird of paradise is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Bacana family, without stems, so when some leaves wilt or become diseased, flower lovers don’t know how to prune the bird of paradise. In fact, it is not difficult. If the leaves are withered, but the petiole is still bright green, weYou can cut off the leaves first and keep the petioles. The petioles will gradually wither in a few days, and then just cut off the petioles.

Pay attention to when pruning, we cut off the petiole as much as possible, instead of seeing the base directly, because the new leaves are coming from the base, as shown in the picture above.

About pruning, that’s it, don’t worry too much, it won’t be cut bad. The most problem that many flower lovers encounter when raising birds of paradise is that the leaves do not stretch or even curl. In fact, most of these problems are light.And humidity.

Bird of paradise is a tropical plant. The climate of the place of origin is characterized by high temperature and high humidity. It should be noted that high temperature does not mean scorching sun. Therefore, we must pay attention to light and humidity problems when we maintain bird of paradise.

Strelitzia should have no less than 4 hours of direct sunlight a day, preferably bright all day. Take some protective measures when the sun is strong. In the main flowering period in winter, sufficient sunlight will help increase flower production. Light adjustmentEmphasizes the management principle of "no shade in winter and no sun in summer". The appearance of the leaves will be more beautiful when the plant is shaded, but the number of flowers will be less.

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