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Beautiful evening primrose|Introduction to sowing, flowering, wintering, etc.

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The beautiful evening primrose is not in the range of most florists' potted plants, only a few florists' potted plants are mainly still in the green belt, so compared to other mainstream flowers and plants, the beautiful evening primrose is sown, blooming, and overwinteringEven the advanced information is not so rich.

1, sowing time of beautiful evening primrose

Generally speaking, sowing in spring and autumn. If you are sowing in autumn, you should pay attention to cold protection in northern areas. We will talk about winter. The sowing method is relatively simple. The soil is combed and leveled, and then the seeds are spread to cover the area no more than 0.5 cmSoil, then spray water, keep the temperature above 15°C and the soil humidity. It usually takes about half a month to germinate.

2, beautiful primrose blooming period

The flowering period is generally from April to July, and the flowering period may vary between North and South.

3. How tall can the beautiful evening primrose grow

Actually it is not very high, generally about 30-60 cm.

4. What to do if the beautiful evening primrose overwinter, can the north freeze to death

Frankly speaking, the editor has not raised evening primrose in the north, so he can only relay the information found to flower friends. According to foreign information, the cold-resistant area of ​​beautiful evening primrose is 4-9 probably-1°C to -20°C. This data seems unlikely. The domestic data is more credible. According to the data, the domestic distributed Lushan and Guizhou areas are not particularly cold in winter, so other data turned out that the beautiful evening primrose is in the northGenerally, annual planting is used, that is, spring planting. In southern regions, perennial planting is possible.

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