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The method of cultivating lotus and arrowroot, the star of the arrowroot family

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In recent years, there have been more and more flower friends buying lotus arrowroot, and there is also a strong demand for the cultivation method of lotus arrowroot. Lotus arrowroot is also Roche arrowroot, the Latin scientific name Calathea loeseneri JFMacbr.The arrowroot family is a perennial herbaceous plant.

The lotus arrowroot can be grown in the open air in South China, while in the north, it can only be grown in pots. After buying it, many florists find that the lotus arrowroot is easy to wilt and is sluggish. In fact, this is mainly due to conservationEnvironmental issues.

We need to know that the biggest feature of arrowroot plants is that they like high-humidity environments, and most of our indoor humidity is relatively dry, especially in the north. Simply put, if we throw our lotus arrowroot into the greenhouse, It can grow well, but at home it appears to be wilted.

Then what do we need to pay attention to when we breed lotus and arrowroot

The lotus and arrowroot have high requirements for air humidity, which needs to reach 70-80%. Especially in the vigorous season of spring and summer growth, in addition to watering in time to keep the pot soil moist, it should also be frequently applied to the leaves andSpray water on the ground to increase the air humidity. The suitable temperature for growth is between 18-25°C, and it is not good for growth if it exceeds 35°C or below 15°C.

In addition, pay attention to shade, lotus and arrowroot are suitable for curing under bright astigmatism, not suitable for scorching sun, especially on high-rise balconies, pay more attention to this.

Compared with fertilization, nitrogen fertilizer is the main method. However, it is not suitable for fertilization in the initial stage. When the lotus arrowroot has adapted to the environment, when the growth is normal, apply more thin fertilizer during the growth period.

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