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Is the Chidori flower perennial perennial root herb

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I saw a flower friend asking if the Chidori flower is a perennial, here can answer the flower friend, Chidori is a perennial, and easy to maintain, its scientific name is Peach grass, this flower is generally not raised at home, notBecause it’s not beautiful, it’s mainly because the plants are a bit tall, about 1 meter 2 can be reached, and the dense branches are a bit messy, so most of us see Chidori flowers in the green belt or some parks.

Chidori is a perennial herb. After planting it in the past, you don’t need to worry about it. It will continue to sprout in the spring in the coming spring. It is a more worry-free plant. The lowest temperature in the winter of the editing location is minus 10℃.But the Chidori flowers in the park live without pressure, this can be used as a reference for flower lovers!

Chidori flowers often grow in clusters, with upright flower stems, the plant height is generally about 100 cm, and has many branches, the whole plant surface has a layer of pilose, the leaves are solitary on the stem, the leaves have no petioles, and the leaves are wholeOval-lanceolate, with undulating leaf margins, smooth leaf surface, bright green, long spikes growing on the top of the stem, bracts narrowly elliptical, pink-white flowers, soft upper part of the inner surfaceHairy, the flowering period is from May to August each year, and the fruiting period is from August to September. The obovate capsules are brown when they are mature, with obvious edges and seeds inside.

Chidori likes a cool and semi-humid climate, it needs plenty of sunlight and fertile soil for growth, commonReproductionThe method is sowingReproductionReproduce with ramets.

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