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Sow pansy is better for a few months

2019-12-05 22:57 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

A flower friend asks when it’s better to plant pansy in a few months. It is now planted at home, and the ambient temperature can be properly controlled, so the planting period can be appropriately relaxed. Under normal circumstances, pansy is normal from late summer to early spring.Sowing time, of course, if the temperature is available, you can also sow in winter~ it is recommended to sow between 20°C and 30°C. If the temperature is low, the germination will be slow. Early sowing and early blooming. When the temperature is high, the seedlings should not be exposed to high temperature.

When sowing the pansy, it is fine to cover it with thin soil or shading without covering the soil. If you use paper towels to germinate, the white hair roots must be moved into the substrate. The substrate is a new substrate of coconut peat perlite. If you use the old substrate, it is recommended to disinfectIt is better to lay down. Generally, it is necessary to check it in the morning and evening. Once it germinates, remove the moisture and keep up with the light.

The horned pansy has relatively high requirements for light. It is recommended to open half-sun to full sun. Indoors can be in a window with sufficient light. If necessary, conditions can be artificially supplemented.

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