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The difference between leaf cutting and cutting illustration

2020-05-04 12:00 Source: flower-fans Author: Wangxing Peng

FlowersReproductionThere are many methods. Our common ones include cutting, grafting, seeding, layering, tissue culture, etc. Seeing that some flower friends ask about the difference between leaf cutting and cutting, we will come to popular science. Strictly speaking, leaf cutting belongs toA kind of cuttings, but the choice of vegetative organs is different, but in actualReproductionIn, not all plants can be inserted into leaves.

This is a skewer illustration

The applicable range of leaf inserts is relatively small, for exampleSucculentPlants and the like, there are some other plants that can be inserted into leaves. Generally speaking, the plants suitable for leaf insertion are plants with thicker leaves, so as to ensure the return of nutrients during the cutting process, such as some thinner leavesPlant leaf cutting is definitely not good, it dries out in one day, for exampleChinese roseYou can use root or stem, but not leaf.

This picture is a leaf illustration of Tiger Pilan, and you can see a new bud at the base

Cuttings, plants capable of leaf cutting can be used for cuttings, let’s not say more about this.

The difference between leaf cutting and cutting, the most obvious is the growth rate in the early stage, let's just use itSucculentsFor example, if we choose to use branch cuttings, after rooting, its starting point is the size of the cutting branches, and if it is a leaf cutting, you need to wait for the base of the leaves to take root, and then bulge out the buds and grow slowlyBig, this process will be much slower.

Maybe some flower lovers want to know that leaf cuttings and cutting plants are good. In fact, there is no difference between the two. It is not as different as the root connection of rose and cutting seedlings, because all plants capable of leaf cutting can be cut, And this type of plant generally has the characteristics of fast growth, so there is no obvious difference.

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