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Columbine seeds germinate in a few days, when will they be sown

2019-11-09 23:05 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Today in this article we will talk about some things about Columbine sowing, such as when is it better to sow Columbine, and the seeds of Columbine germinate within a few days after sowing. The problem in these two days is that flower friends are more concerned about it.For Columbine, it takes about one and a half to two years from sowing to blooming, and it takes the test of summer in the middle, so the difficulty is still there.

When will the columbine be sowed

This mainly depends on the sowing conditions of flower friends. Because Columbine has better cold resistance but poor heat resistance, we can consider the sowing time according to the local climate conditions. The best sowing temperature of Columbine should be 15Between -25℃, under this condition, both spring and autumn sowing are ok, but spring sowing may have young seedlings before they grow up, and summer will come. It is difficult for young seedlings to spend the summer, so spring sowing is not recommended for southern flower buddies and northern flower buddies.Yes, because the summer in the north is short, the temperature is relatively not very hot.

In most areas, it is recommended to plant in autumn. The temperature in the south is not low in winter, and the north is heated. After the three seasons of growth in autumn, winter and spring, Columbine has grown bigger and has better heat resistance.

Columbine seeds germinate in a few days

This is not absolute. In most cases, fresh seeds will germinate neatly in about 15 days at about 25°C. However, some flower friends said that their columbine seeds did not germinate until half a year after sowing.These accidents are all because there is a layer of wax on the outside of Columbine seeds to block moisture, so before sowing, put it on gauze, and then wrap it, rinse under the faucet while gently rubbing the seeds. Then again.Seed.

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