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Lijinhua cutting method leaf cutting

2020-05-03 10:30 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: Constantine

The flower friends are on the flowers and plantsReproductionDesire has never been lowered. Whether it is a small group of flowers or common grasses, today we are introducing the cutting method of small groups of flowers and plants. Of course, it is leaf cuttings. We can directly borrow a passage from the great god.Understand how to cut Lijinhua.

Lijinhua can be inserted into the leaves, and the operation is very simple. Cut the healthy leaves, insert them into the wet vermiculite, and wait for it in the astigmatic place. Keep the vermiculite moist during the process. Pay attention to adding water.can.

How many balls can Lijin Mosaic cut? This question has been answered by the great god. It depends on the variety. Generally speaking, the varieties that are easy to sprout have a high success rate of leaf cutting and get more balls. On the contrary, noVarieties that are easy to spawn have a lower success rate and fewer spheres.

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