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Can red maple cuttings be used? When is the best cutting time

2020-03-04 10:58 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

Many woody plants can be cut, a flower friend asked if red maple can be cut? When is the best cutting time, let’s say one by one. First of all, red maple can be cut, but if the details are not handled well, rootingThe rate is not very high, mainly in the environment of high temperature and high humidity.

When is the red maple cutting best?

Although some data say that it can be used in all seasons, it is under the condition of controlling the ambient temperature. For ordinary flower lovers, the two nodes are best in May and October. In general, cuttings survive in summerThe highest rate!

Let's look at the practical experience of a flower friend below.

Red maple cuttings need to pay attention to a detail, rooting actually requires higher ground temperature, high temperature will only increase evaporation and consumption of cuttings water; another condition for rooting is photosynthesis, which is carried out through leavesIf there are no leaves, the cuttings will sprout and grow leaves first, and then promote rooting through leaf photosynthesis. This is that some friends sprout within a few days after the cuttings, but afterwards they will be happy because sometimes the nutrients of the cuttings are exhausted, Withered before it took root.

Therefore, cuttings must have leaves, but the problem is that in the hot summer, the leaves will be dried quickly. So we need to moisturize, there are two ways to moisturize, one is spraying on the leaves, the other is coveringMembrane, here is also a detail, spray, not water spray. The spray only wets the leaves to ensure that the leaves do not wilt. The water spray reduces the ground temperature and makes the soil easy to breed pathogens!

The moisturizing is done well, leaving more leaves can take root faster.

Another thing that is easily overlooked is disinfection and sterilization, which includes soil, cuttings, containers, and scissors. Repeated disinfection, peeling off the film every few days, no need to replenish water, but must spray and fill the medicine.

Finally, it really doesn’t matter what substrate is used, as long as it is used for disinfection, I don’t like to use vermiculite or perlite alone, which is not nutritious and is not as good as ordinary garden soil.

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