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The time and method of cutting five-needle pine carefully

2020-04-20 06:14 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Cutting isFlowersReproductionVery commonly used method, but not necessarily suitable for all plants, and different plants are also difficult and easy to cut. Many flower lovers find the time and method of cutting five needle pine cuttings. Of course, there are also a lot of information, but here is a need for flower loversThe main reasons for pouring cold water are as follows:

This is a five-needle pine cut by a flower friend

1. Five-needle pine cuttings are not 100% impossible, and the chance of success is very small. It can not be said that 10 people will lose 10 people. It is also good that two out of 100 people survive. This is based on the normal level of flower friends.That's right.

2. It is easy to fake life. Some flower friends feel that the cuttings are alive and watch the new leaves come out, but they do not actually take root. This fake life cycle can even be as long as several months.

3. Slow growth. Unlike other plants, five-needle pine grows in three to five months. Even if we are lucky enough to survive cuttings, it is normal to not grow in three to five years. The difference between potted plants and ground plants is still obviousof.

The front is pouring cold water, the time and method of cutting five-needle pine are described below.

Generally speaking, cuttings start from June to July in Jiangnan area. We generally choose healthy branches that were grown in the same year and cut them to about 6 cm. Keep the top part and flatten the bottom with a sharp blade. Then the cuttings can be compacted and the soil is permeable.Better, keep the soil moist and not wet at ordinary times, just put it under astigmatism. Generally speaking, it takes 6-8 months to see if it’s alive. This cycle is relatively long.

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