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Which season did the asparagus shoot sprout?

2020-09-11 05:23 Source: Network Author bath Valley of Flowers Flower: Edit

Asparagus is good-looking, but sometimes flower friends will feel that Asparagus asparagus does not sprout and remains in a state, so many flower friends want to know in which season Asparagus asparagus sprouts. As an evergreen plant,Under normal circumstances, new sprouts are possible throughout the year. Like places with heating in the north, sprouts will sprout even in winter. If there is no heating in the south, sprouts will not sprout in winter but in spring, summer and autumn.

The ultimate method: If the asparagus is not good in shape, or if you want to draw a salary from the bottom, just keep only one branch, cut off all the others, and then cut all of them, and shave the head directly, which will also hold back new buds!

Then why doesn't Asparagus bamboo sprout?

Sprouting is the plant selfReproductionA kind of behavior, generally only when properly maintained, will there be nourishment to sprout behavior, asparagus bamboo is more resistant to raising, which leads to, even if our maintenance method is not suitable, asparagus bamboo will look old for a whileLooks like, but in fact it did not grow.

How can asparagus bamboo grow new shoots

1. Pruning

In order to promote the growth of new shoots of Asparagus bamboo, it is necessary to trim old and withered branches and leaves to avoid the consumption of excess nutrients, which is conducive to the germination of new shoots, and some long branches should also be cut short to preventAsparagus bamboo has overgrowth.

2. Suitable light temperature

Asparagus bamboo likes to grow in a warm and semi-shade environment. If you want Asparagus bamboo to grow new shoots, you need to let Asparagus bamboo have a suitable temperature. It is best to maintain it in a semi-shade place daily and give it a proper amount of astigmatism.. The temperature is best to be controlled at about 20℃, and it is not suitable to let it grow in a high temperature or low temperature environment.

3. Watering reasonably

If you want to grow new shoots of asparagus, you need to water it reasonably. Asparagus likes to be wet but not tolerant to waterlogging. Keep the soil slightly moist when watering. When the weather is dry, you need to spray water around the asparagus frequently.Increase air humidity.

4. Sufficient nutrients

The growth and germination of Asparagus bamboo need sufficient nutrition. To promote its sprout, it is necessary to frequently apply thin fertilizer during the growth period of Asparagus bamboo. Generally, a thin decomposed liquid fertilizer can be applied once every 1 month. Otherwise, ifAsparagus bamboo grows poorly without fertilizing for a long time.

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