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Can the asparagus bamboo turn yellow can't

2019-08-09 16:42 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Seeing a question, can the asparagus bamboo turn yellow, can it be restored? This situation is basically impossible to recover, because the asparagus bamboo leaves are relatively small, and the water content is also low, and its metabolism will naturally age.When the leaves of Asparagus bamboo turn yellow due to improper maintenance, no matter how hard we work, its leaves will not recover.

The asparagus bamboo in the picture above is basically withered. In this case, we can only cut off all of them, looking forward to new shoots.

The best way to deal with the asparagus in the picture above is to cut off the yellow branches.

The yellowing of the leaves in the picture above is the most hesitant. Because it is not serious, many flower lovers wonder if it can be recovered. In fact, as time goes by, it will turn yellow completely. In this case,The most ideal way to deal with it is to find the reason and see if it is due to low air humidity, lack of ventilation, etc., to find the root cause of the yellow leaves, so as to avoid the subsequent yellowing of other leaves.

Look at what the flower friends said: "Just cut off the yellow leaves, and the yellow leaves will not go back green. My spring grows very fast, but now I find that it grows slowly and the soil should not be too wet.I like dry soil. The environment must be moist and high-humidity air. Not strong light, like soft light. Last year, my Asparagus bamboo was almost yellow and dead, and almost no green leaves were left. I used this method to restore itTo life."

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