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How to process and make purple leaf barberry bonsai

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l take material

Purple leaf barberry is often used cuttingsReproduction, the cutting seedlings bear fruit earlier than the seedlings and the cutting survival rate is higher. From February to March every year, before the branches germinate, select the strong and strong branches of the previous year as cuttings, cut into 12-16 cm long. Use 500 for the base before cutting.*10ppm concentration of acetic acid solution soak it immediately, take it out immediately, and let it dry before cutting. Pour water with a fine-eyed watering can after insertion, and take root about two months after insertion. The vigorous cutting seedlings can be transplanted in the same year, and timeThe rainy season is most suitable, but you should avoid direct sunlight and heavy rain.

2 Upper basin

①Choose the pot: the purple leaf barberry pot is suitable for the purple sand pot.

②Soil: The cultivation soil should be well-drained neutral sandy soil, or 4 parts of maturing pond soil, 4 parts of garden soil, and 2 parts of honeycomb coal ash can be used as a mixture.

3 Modeling

Purberry barberry is suitable for small or microBonsai. According to the material, the cadre's shape is mainly straight or diagonal, or made into jungle style. Purple leaf barberry branches are soft and easy to shape; it has strong germination and is resistant to pruning, so the shape can be combined with cutting and binding., The main trunk and branches should be slightly climbed, and the side branches should be trimmed and shaped. In order to control the tree shape, the buds should be topped and the elongated branches should be cut at any time to change the characteristics of the tree species. Short cut and fine cutShaping climbing should be carried out during the dormant period after leaf fall or before germination. Because of the clear vision during this period, it is helpful to correctly handle stem removal, branch cut angle and climbing position.

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