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Winter conservation of wolfberry bonsai

2016-12-15 22:32 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Big Brother 1111 story

Speaking of wolfberryBonsaiConservation in winter, many netizens believe that winter wolfberryBonsaiIt should be overwintered outdoors. In particularly cold places, the bonsai bonsai can be insulated and protected. Although this is correct, there are some details that need attention.

The following is a detailed analysis of the problem of wolfberry overwintering outdoors. Wild wolfberry can tolerate freezing outdoors. There are only two cases where outdoor wintering may die. One is the raw pile in the first half of the plant, and the other is that the flowerpot is too small.It may die. Small pots with a diameter of less than 30cm and a depth of less than 30cm are small pots, because most of the bonsai medlars are used for rooting and planting. The pots are small and the outside is too cold. It is easy to freeze the pots at night, especiallyIt will become ice lump after watering.

In addition, wolfberry has a dormancy period of 4 months in winter, and there is a dormancy period of one month when the summer is the hottest. The dormancy period is equal to the plant sleeping, so try not to water the mature wolfberry during the dormancy period.Affect its dormancy. In particular, it is pointed out that this is a cooked pile.

How to control the amount of water? You can plant a grass in the basin, as long as it is not dead, you do not need to water it, or if there is no grass in winter, you can use a screwdriver to dig down to see if the soil below is completely dry, regardless of the dormant period or growthGrasp the principle of watering thoroughly, not watering thoroughly. The roots of plants that cannot be watered thoroughly will also be bad due to uneven water absorption.

For raw piles, it’s best to soak enough water for 24 hours before entering the basin. In the first month, keep warm and moisturize. You don’t have to grasp the principle of drying and pouring thoroughly. Keep the soil moist and spray water on the branches. If the pots of wolfberry are small,If you don’t worry about outdoor wintering, you can dig a pit in the yard and bury the flower pot.

Do not move the cooked pile into a heated room. The temperature is too high to affect dormancy. The raw pile should be moved into a heated room in winter. It is good for rooting. I hope it will be helpful for everyone to raise wolfberry bonsai!

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