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The reason why cats eat rose leaves

2020-09-03 10:10 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

A flower friend found out that his cat would eatChinese roseThe leaves, want to know what cats eatChinese roseThe reason for the leaves is an instinctive habit of animals. If the rose is not raised at home, it will also eat the leaves of other plants. Dogs will also have such a demand. Generally speaking, the main reason for cats to eat leaves isFor hairballs, certain flowers and leaves contain a lot of crude fiber. Cats can stimulate the intestines and stomach by eating these leaves and excrete hairballs in the body.

The rose is a relatively safe plant for cats, and generally does not cause cat poisoning, but cats may destroy the rose. Therefore, if the owner wants to plant the rose, it is best to isolate the cat from the plant.

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