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It is better to put the south balcony in the rose winter, or the north balcony

2019-10-26 22:11 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

The north is already very cold at the moment, the flower friends are starting to prepare for the flowers and plants to spend the winter, some flower friends have fun and askedChinese roseIt is better to put the south balcony in winter, or the north balcony, it must be the south balcony, but each family's situation is different, special circumstances still need to be treated differently, flower friends knowChinese roseIn winter, dormancy is needed. The non-dormant roses will not bloom in the coming year. This is the reason why the blooming of roses in the south is not as good as those in the north.

Normally, when the temperature is lower than 10℃, the growth of the rose will slow down and no new shoots will grow at the top; when the temperature is lower than 5℃, the rose will officially stop growing and enter the dormant period. The cold tolerance of the rose is here.Not much to say, because the cold resistance of the rose is still good. If it is a potted plant, it will be no problem to spend the winter indoors. If the home has heating, it is recommended to put the rose on the balcony, because the heated room in the north is too warm, and the rose is at this temperature.It can grow normally, which means that the rose cannot dormant normally, which is not conducive to flowering in the coming year.

Indoor without heating

1. After the rose is dormant, first remove all the leaves, trim off the buds and residual flowers, and do not trim the rest;

2. Before moving to the cellar environment with high humidity, water it, wait for the substrate to dry slightly, and then use plastic bags and cotton coats, etc. to wrap the flower seedlings + pots as thick as possible;

3. Before moving to the garage or corridor the environment with low humidity, pour the flower seedlings + pots in a wet state, and be as thick as possible.

Outdoor potted plants

1. After the rose is dormant, knock off the leaves, you can not trim them to reduce the wound;

2. Water soaked once before freezing;

3. To protect the root system, cover the root system with thick straw, and then cover with soil near the branches, and then a layer of film and a layer of clothing to wrap the flower seedlings + pots, it is recommended to cover a few more layers in the cold northeast weather.

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