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Is it easy to raise the fruit juice balcony rose? How many flowers bloom a year

2020-07-15 10:12 Source: flower-fans Author: editor

Juice balconyChinese roseIt has been a long time since I entered the circle of flower friends, so I have accumulated a lot of maintenance experience, such as flower friends asking the juice balconyChinese roseIs it easy to raise? Is it cold-resistant, how many times a year it can bloom and other issues, all flower friends have expressed their opinions.

1. Is the juice balcony rose easy to grow?

Juice balcony rose is known as a must-have rose for novices. It can be seen that it is easy to maintain, but it needs to be understood by florists and easy to return, but the most basic maintenance conditions are necessary, such as light, ventilation, etc., not to mentionEasy to raise, you can raise it on a closed balcony.

2. Juice balcony blooms several times a year

It blooms in multiple seasons. It blooms in spring, summer and autumn in most regions, and some also bloom in winter in the south. The flowering performance is different in each season.

3. Is the juice balcony cold-resistant?

The cold resistance of rose is better than most plants. Basically, it can be carried at minus 15 degrees Celsius. It needs to be explained here that the cold resistance of ground plants and potted plants is different, because flower pots are easy to freeze, so long as they are notIn extremely cold areas, there is no problem with the open-air cold resistance. If it is extremely cold, cover old clothes, straw and other cold and wind protection. Even if there is no heating for the potted plants, as long as the indoor temperature is not particularly low, there is no problem.

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