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Why did leaf-cutting bees cut leaves how to control

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RaiseChinese roseMost of the flower friends will meet leaf-cutting bees and watch the cut onesChinese roseLeaf, more people want to know why leaf-cutting wasps cut leaves, and how we can prevent them.

Why did leaf-cutting bees cut leaves?

The leaf-cutting bee is a kind of honey bee, but it is not the same as the honey-gathering bee that we are familiar with. There is a tuft of golden short hair on his abdomen, and he does not use it to make honey because they oftenThe semicircular small pieces are cut from the leaves of the plant and brought into the honeycomb to get the name.
The purpose of leaf-cutting wasps is to build a house and reproduce the next generation. Leaf-cutting bees are solitary insects, so they generally do not appear in groups. Keeping this in mind will help prevent leaf-cutting bees.
After the leaf-cutting bees mate, they start to find some other insects’ discarded holes, or gaps in other things as places to reproduce their offspring. The leaf-cutting bees will use the cut leaves especially the leaves of Rosaceae Rolled into a tube and closed one end to form a nest. Then, the leaf-cutting bee began to collect pollen and nectar, mix them into bee bread, store it in the nest, and lay an egg, and then cut anotherThe round leaf seals the top of the nest. The second nest is built directly on the first chamber until the nest or the nest tube is full of the nest. When the nest is filled with the nest, the mouth of the nest is sealed with resin, wood or soil.
The lifespan of an adult leaf-cutting bee is about 60 days. It can build 35-40 nests and lay 35-40 eggs.

This is a florist, found the nest of leaf-cutting bees under the flowerpot
According to 40 nests, even if 5 leaves are used for each nest, 20 leaves are needed, and the leaf-cutting bee is not looking for leaves all over the world. It is a habit to keep cutting when looking at this place, so, The rose leaves with flower buddies are cut and bare, that hate in my heart.

I know why the leaf-cutting bee cuts leaves, so how to prevent it?

At present, the most effective method is artificial. You can consider changing the position of the potted rose. If the leaf-cutting bee can't find it, naturally it won't come. Another way is to catch it. As mentioned earlier, the leaf-cutting bee is basically aloneAction, so there will not be too many leaf-cutting bees, and after it cuts the leaves, it will fly back to continue cutting, so we can squat and catch it.
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