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How to deal with the newly bought rose seedlings do not trim

2019-10-31 11:37 Source: flower-fans of: egg t

Many flower friends buy itChinese roseSmall seedlings, some have buds and some don’t, many people don’t know the newly bought onesChinese roseHow to deal with the seedlings, here we focus on the issue of pruning. Don’t rush to pruning the seedlings you bought back. Every leaf of the seedlings is a precious solar panel. The toothpick seedlings can only be used after three or four months.Consider trimming a little bit. If the pruning is too large during the seedling period, the whole plant may die.

Uncle Egg’s experience is that as long as you maintain properly in the later stage, many shoots and foot shoots will naturally emerge, and the plant shape will naturally become more beautiful. For these strong low-position shoots, you can consider topping as soon as possible such as canaries,The shoot shoots can be topped at about half the height of the ideal plant type. Don’t let the shoots grow into sky monkeys and affect the overall shape.

Of course, you may be in a hurry because the shape is still not full, then you can grow up to half a year later, with enough leaves to supply energy, and then lower the branches to promote bamboo shoots. The disadvantage of this is ----Ugly! The shoot time is not necessarily, it may be about a month, then this period is a bald basin, when the appearance is the lowest. Uncle Egg also tried the method of pressing the branches, but later found that the rose seedlings came.After a certain nutritional stage, for example, four or five months later, bamboo shoots will naturally emerge. This naturally-growing shoot shoots bursts with vitality, which seems to be stronger and conforms to Taoism and nature.

For the rose seedlings with buds, here you can tell the flower buddies to cut the buds, because a lot of nutrients are consumed during flowering. The roots of the seedlings have not grown well, and the nutrients are not enough. If you let it bloom, it will only increaseRisk of death, so cut off the buds decisively!

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