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Can rose flowers be exposed to the sun in summer?

2020-06-28 08:53 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

It's hot summer again, a flower friend askedChinese roseAre you afraid of the sun in summer? We have to follow thisChinese roseIn terms of specific circumstances, one cannot simply say whether the rose can be exposed to the sun.

1. If your rose is planted in the ground, and after the slow seedling period, after a period of normal growth, in this case, the rose is not afraid of summer sun exposure, except for some varieties, and the sun is healthier, althoughIt looks sluggish at noon and will recover by itself at night.

2. If your roses are potted, pay attention to whether the pots can be dried thoroughly. Some florists said that the roses are not sun-fast. Why can't your roses be dried? This is because the potted soil is less.If it is exposed to the sun, the roots of the rose will naturally not perform well in a high temperature environment.

The roses with more flower lovers are miniature roses and the flower pots are also small. In this case, we must consider shade!

3. If your rose is newly planted, or the planting time is not long, the root system has not fully recovered. In this case, shade is recommended.

To put it simply, the rose is not afraid of the sun, but it must be in a healthy state. The ground plant has higher sun resistance than the potted plant, and the large potted plant is higher than the small potted plant. Shading and raising seedlings during the slow seedling period. In addition to shading considerations,Replenishing water in time is also very important. The weather is hot in summer and the water volatilizes quickly. Pay attention to replenishing water in time!

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