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How to water the Qin Yerong

2019-11-29 10:46 Source: flower-fans Author: Wang smiled

A florist asked how to water the Qin Yerong. Whether it is a large leaf Qin Ye Ficus or a small leaf Qin Ye, the watering method is the same. The Qin Ye Ficus is a woody plant, so watering does not need to be as careful as a herb.Because the editor also raised a pot of Qin Yerong, which is currently in good condition, so I will talk to the flower friends based on the editor’s usual watering experience!

Most florists raise the Qin Ye Banyan flower pots are not too small, and the soil capacity is naturally large. No matter what sudden change or environment, florists must first remember one thing, that is, do not check the date when watering.Observe the soil condition before deciding whether to water.
Let’s dig the soil a little bit, about 2-3 cm, and see if there is humidity in the bottom soil. If there is humidity, you don’t need to water it. If you feel that there is not much water, it’s a bit dry.You can water it.

Edit this pot of Qin Yerong, the soil on the surface is dry, but after digging it out, the bottom is still wet, so the editor will not water it!

In addition, if it is summer, because the weather is hot and the water evaporates quickly, the watering frequency can be higher. However, if it is winter, the water evaporates slowly. It is better to be dry than wet. Florists can rest assured that the plants are not so prone to drought.Death, even if it is not watered for a month, it will basically not die. Of course, except for the heating environment in the north, because in this environment, the indoor air humidity is low and the moisture evaporates quickly, so the watering frequency should be higher..

When we decided to water the Qin Yerong, we watered it all at once, and then we waited until the soil in the pot felt dry and then watered it.
There are also florists who worry that the Qinye Banyan grows slowly. We can water the Qinye Banyan less, but we can spray more water. The Qinye Banyan leaves are relatively large and have a high water demand, so regular watering can not only add water,It can also prevent root rot due to excessive watering.
In short, flower friends remember that of the 100 plants, 98 died due to excessive watering, and only 2 died of drought.

Edit: flower-fans
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