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How do cosmos seeds look like with planting method

2018-01-03 13:10 Source: http: //www.flower-fans.com Author: Xiao cautious

I saw a flower friend asking what cosmos seeds are like. Generally speaking, buying cosmos seeds will not be fake, because the seeds are easy to get, the price is cheap, and most of them are mixed colors, so they are basically true, Put a few pictures below, flower friends can take a look!

Let’s talk about the method of planting cosmos seeds. Let’s first talk about when to plant cosmos seeds. Generally speaking, planting in spring every year, like March. After planting, about 3 or 4 months,The cosmos has begun to enter its blooming period.

If the florist is buying seeds, you can pay attention to it. Cosmos is divided into high-stalk and short-stalked varieties. Of course, potted friends are more practical and stable to plant low-stalks. Those who are planted in the ground or large pots, plantThe taller ones are more flavorful.

1. Sowing: You can directly sow and then cover with 1mm of fine soil for watering. You can also consider using paper towels to germinate, and use the appropriate amount of seeds remember the appropriate amount, the germination rate is too high with 30-40Soak in warm water for half an hour. Cover the seeds up and down with paper towels in a container, keep the paper towels moist, and place them in a darker corner. After waiting for three to five days, most of the seeds are cracked and white calves stick out.You can put it in the basin.

2. Seedling stage care:The seeds planted can grow into the picture below in a week. If the seedlings grow so densely, quickly thin the seedlings!

3. Topping:The cosmos seedling grows to about 10 cm. Remember to top. The first topping is very important. This is the key to promoting the thickening of the main stem of the plant and the beautiful shape of the entire plant. The picture shows about a week after the topping. YesIt’s not that I feel a lot more lush, but actually two side buds have emerged.

4. Growth management:

Cosmos is very strong. If the weather is bad, a small person likes to bloom. If you like this thin feeling, it’s okay to let it bloom immediately, but the flowers will be sparse and the flower size is smallIt’s not good-looking. It is recommended to pinch the buds when you see the buds at the seedling stage, until the main stem grows thicker, and then let it bloom.

Cosmos is easy to get sick, powdery mildew, scale insects, red spiders, and aphids are all easy to get. Therefore, the big medicine is the most convenient to use once in the seedling stage, and once when you grow up, it will be much better. Pay attention to control the spacing.It’s easy to understand if it’s too dense to get sick.

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