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When will coreopsis be sown | spring mainly

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Coreopsis is generally used as a green plant. Some netizens asked when coreopsis will be sown. In most parts of the country, it can be sown in spring, that is, from March to April. The north can be delayed according to actual conditions.

The coreopsis sown in spring can begin to bloom from May to June, and the flowering period can last until October. The period of coreopsis is relatively long.

If it is planted in a small area, such as potted plants, the planting period is relatively free, and planting can also be done in August.

Coreopsis is a perennial herb that can reproduce by itself, so it can sprout by itself in the second year after sowing.

Coreopsis is resistant to cold and drought, does not require strict soil requirements, likes light, but tolerates half shade, has strong adaptability, and has strong resistance to sulfur dioxide.

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