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Three-color bindweed planting method | Practical articles

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To tell the truth, there are not many tri-color bindweeds. It may be because it is a bit like morning glory, so it is not very popular in the circle of flower friends. So there is not much experience about tricolor bindweed planting methods, but it doesn’t matter.We can still grow beautiful three-color bindweed.

We can use seeds to sow tricolor bindweed, or buy seedlings directly, because tricolor bindweed is a one-two herbaceous plant, so it is usually sown mostly. It can be sown in March-May or autumn, It takes about 80 days for tricolor bindweed from sowing to blooming, so the tricolor bindweed that we planted in spring can basically be seen blooming in early summer.

Three-color convolvulus planting is very simple, like other plants, it is not squeamish. Start planting when the temperature is kept above 18℃ in spring. Sow the seeds, cover them with thin soil, and then water them thoroughly. Be careful not to wash away the seeds., If the temperature is not very high, you can cover it with a layer of film. This will not only keep warm but also keep it.

It takes about 5-10 days to germinate. After germination, the film can be gradually removed. For example, first buckle a few holes and finally remove all of them, so as not to suddenly remove the film. The seedlings are not suitable. When the leaf grows 3-5 pieces,It can be transplanted into the pot for management, but the three-color Chaoyan seedlings are not resistant to transplantation, so special attention should be paid when transplanting, and it can also be broadcast live in the pot from the beginning.

The seedling maintenance of tricolor bindweed is relatively simple. We will maintain tricolor bindweed in a sunny place. The pot soil should not be too dry. If possible, flower lovers can apply a thin fertilizer every other week.Mainly potash fertilizer.

Three-color bindweed is similar to morning glory, that is, it blooms in the morning, and the single-multi-flowering period is only one day. What needs to be told to flower friends is that they should be properly shaded in summer, and they should be ventilated and kept in the pot soil.Moisture. In addition, the flower stem of the three-color bindweed is relatively high, up to 40 cm, so you need to be prepared for lodging resistance.

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