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Where is the cineraria after blooming

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The advantages of cineraria are many, the flowers are many and the price is cheap, so most of the cineraria is for flower loversFlowersThe finished product bought in the market, but the florists want to know how to deal with the cineraria after blooming, and wonder if it can continue to be raised for the next year.

Cineraria is a perennial herb that can be raised for many years. However, it is generally planted for one or two years. It is planted in autumn and blooms in the spring of the following year. The reason for this is that the cineraria is not heat-resistant, usually when the temperature reaches 30°C.It won’t work, so most florists’ cineraria can’t survive the summer, and the whole plant will wither after blooming. If the weather conditions are good, you can spend the summer, then you can keep it forever.

Of course, cineraria is not necessarily disposable. You can collect seeds after flowering and sow in autumn. However, not all cineraria can bear seeds, because cineraria is a cross-pollinated plant, soIf you only buy one pot, if you are lucky, it will bloom at the merchant, and it may be naturally pollinated. If you don’t open it when you buy it, then there will be basically no seeds in one pot.

Because cineraria has more colors, the seeds we collect by ourselves will generally not be the same as the original flowers in the second year.

To briefly talk about cineraria pollination, you can use cotton swabs to dip pollen on different cineraria to achieve the purpose of pollination. The seeds of cineraria are similar to those of dandelion, with fluff on the seeds. After collecting the seeds, place the seeds in a coolResist to dry, then seal and store, and sow in autumn.

Seeing here, do the florists know what to do after the cineraria chrysanthemum period is over? To be honest, because the price of cineraria is not high, the flowering period is still very long, some places generally cost about 10 yuan per pot, and you can enjoy it for about 3 months, The management is relatively simple. Therefore, it is not recommended for flower lovers to toss and keep, because the cineraria we buy are all out of the greenhouse. After urging the flowers, if we sow the cineraria by ourselves, the flowers will not necessarily be as plump as the bought.

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