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Can taro be hydroponic in winter, temperature is the most important

2019-02-11 13:43 Source: flower-fans of: lemon orange
Many root vegetables can be used for hydroponic cultivation, and taro is no exception. Can taro be hydroponic in winter? It depends on the temperature of the environment, as long as the average temperature can reach 20℃.Hydroponics.
Taro is similar to potatoes, and has many sprout points, which makes it easier for taro to sprout. We also use this point for hydroponic culture.
There are two main points of hydroponic taro. One is to choose healthy and full taro. The other is not to soak all the taro in water. Most of the taro must be exposed out of the water, otherwise the taro is easy to rot.
When we go to the vegetable market to buy taro, we must choose healthy and intact taro. You can pinch it with your hands. If there is a part of it, it cannot be used. If there is a dark injury, it will rot first. Then the bottom of the taro will be divided into three partsOne is soaked in water, the other part is in water, placed in a dark place, and just wait for germination.
Warm environment and humid air are important factors for taro sprouts. If the taro sprouts slowly, if you can wrap the taro with a paper towel, and then pour it with water, the taro can germinate in advance.
For sprouting and rooting taro, we only need to put the root of the taro in water for hydroponic cultivation, and the root of about 1 cm is in contact with air, because the root also needs to breathe.
Of course, if you have the conditions, you can use ceramsite to cover the taro, which will also help the taro to take root and sprout.
Usually change the water every three days or so to reduce the chance of decay. Our hydroponic taro does not need to be fertilized, because the leaves grow on the nutrients of the taro itself. As the leaves grow up, we can find that the taro will growIt becomes dry, which is normal.
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